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About Warrior Kitchen

The food service and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America and currently employs more than 12 million people. Job opportunities in this industry continue to grow. A culinary career is an ideal option for veterans to consider in the civilian labor market.

Warrior Kitchen is a short term, Basic Culinary Arts Program for veterans interested in pursuing career opportunities in the food service and hospitality industry. The first portion is ‘Basic Training’. Students will learn the standard fundamentals of a food service facility.


Lectures will cover culinary terminology, customer service, restaurant positions and responsibilities, use of kitchen equipment, and food safety in accordance with the ServSafe Coursebook. In the lab portion of this course, the students will work as a team to execute recipes with an emphasis on international cuisine. Each student will rotate through all major positions of a foodservice from cook to dishwasher.

Field Assignments

Field assignments consist of assigned ServSafe chapters to study for the ServeSafe Food Protection Manager’s Certification and trips to grocery stores, restaurants, and culinary supply facilities. Upon completion of ‘Basic Training’, students will enter the Externship phase of the program. An Externship is a short term experience that takes place in one of Warrior Kitchen’s network of restaurants and cafeterias. This allows students to apply what they learned in an actual workforce setting.

Employment Services

Immediately following the Externship is the Employment Services phase of the program. Warrior Kitchen will evaluate each student for appropriate placement, assist with resume preparation, interviews, employer networking and follow-up.



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